When you are first buying the air conditioner or heater, you will feel very happy as this system will make you feel much more comfortable especially when the weather outside is not friendly enough. However, you need to be aware of its regular maintenance in order to keep your air conditioner and heater system always in a good condition when you need it. For avoiding any serious damage, it is really important that you know more about some signs and tips for fixing the problems in the furnace and air conditioner system.

# 1. Considering about the Blower System

Although some of the air conditioner or heater system is quite reliable, they still have the possibility to break down. When it happens, you will need to check on the blower system. If possible, you can clean the fan blade with a toothbrush and vacuum it correctly.

# 2. Looking for the Oil Ports on the Motor

Moreover, it is also quite substantial to look for the oil ports on the motor. If you find that the oil is in trouble, you can apply two or three drops of non-detergent motor oil on each of the port. At least, you need to lubricate the oil ports once a year.

# 3. Considering about the Gas Leak

Once you find about the gas leak in your unit system, you need to do the repair as soon as possible. Do not ever light any matches and keep the door and window open in order to let the gas odor go away. Then, you can call a fire department or HVAC person.

# 4. Pilot Lights or Ignition

Actually, it is possible that the pilot orifice is clogged or even the pilot’s fame has set too low. If this happens, you need to ensure to switch off the gas first and clear the pilot orifice with a piece of thin wire.

# 5. Fuel Supply

Of course, every unit system will need the fuel in order to make it work in a proper way. So, it is quite important to always ensure that you are checking the fuel supply regularly.

# 6. The Outside Condensing Part

Of course, when it comes to an air conditioner or heater system, you will always face what is called the compressor. This compressor needs to be checked regularly in order to ensure that it is work properly and not disturb the performance of your unit system.

# 7. The Noisy Sound and the Odor

Once you find that your unit system is sounded unnaturally and even smells bad, you have to be more aware of any serious problems. The noisy sound is sometimes caused by a dirty fan blade. So, you need to clean it and replace it if the debris is being too thick to be cleaned.

# 8. The Thermostat Level

If you have a normal temperature in the remote control, but you do not feel warm or cold enough, there would be some troubles in the thermostat level. For the best result, you can ask for the help of the professional to make it normal again.

Of course, the most important thing about keeping the air conditioner or heater system work well is that you need to do the checking point for at least once a month. This way, you will be able to know earlier if there is a problem with your unit system. You can also save more money on getting a more serious damage.

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