A lovely house should be most people’s dream. Some people are willing to think that the entering front part of the house is regarded to be the most important thing as the guests will see it first. Due to that reason, there are more and more people in this world who tend to give more attention to their front part of the house. That is why; if there is a problem with their front door, for instance, they will want to fix it immediately. Here, you can simply find several common front door problems and the tips on fixing it.

# 1. The Broken Handle

Someday when you try to open the door and finding that the handle is broken would be such a really annoying experience. Fortunately, it is very easy to replace the broken handle. All you need to do is just replacing the old handle with a new one.

# 2. Stuck or Frozen Door Locks

If you have experienced this kind of stuck door locks, it might be caused by dirty, dry lock mechanism. For the troubleshooting, you need to lubricate it with graphite for making it work again.

# 3. Trouble with Door Latch

If you find that the door latch cannot operate well, the main problem might be on the latch bolt which is not well-aligned. The simple tip is to reposition the door by filling the gap between the bolt and strike plate with wood putty to refinish it.

# 4. Loosing the Door Knob

Over time, the door knob might become loose. One great method of fixing it is by tightening them in the lockset. You can start to remove the knob and check the spindle or lockset whether they need to be replaced or not.

# 5. Key Problems

If the key does not work well, the lock may need to be lubricated and cleaned. After this, you can try to use the key several times. If it still cannot unlock the door, you need to replace any broken parts in order to reassemble the lock.simple wooden front door designs

# 6. Locking Cylinder

Some of the internal parts can be broken because of the effect of the bad weather. If this happens, you need to remove the faceplate at the edge of that door. They should be in line with the cylinder’s center so that it is essential to tighten the setscrew and replace the cylinder case.

7. The Deadbolt is Stuck

Once you have found out that the deadbolt is being stuck, first of all you need to ensure that the strike plate is secure and in alignment with the bolt. Then after the bolt is removed, you can fill the screw hole with glue, try to reposition it, and re-screw it again.

# 8. The Key is Broken in Lock

Trying to open the door and find that the key is broken off when it locks is something really terrible. For the way out, you can use pliers to try to grip and pull the key straight out.

Actually, most of those front door problems are related to the lockset and the door knob. For the very beginning, you need to regularly check on the hinge issues, latch problems, and the overall fit of the door. Thus, in order to avoid any underlying frame and jamb problems, you can always have the option for asking the professional’s help.

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