The gazebo is a concept that will beautify your landscape. If you make it, you can combine the best style on the exterior. So, here are 8 step by step instructions on how to build a gazebo.

# 1. Build the Posts

First of all is to make the walls. At least, you will need four posts at each corner. They will depend on the distance and a certain height. Perhaps, it would be about 4×4 beams by 12 inches. Note that the structure is an important factor that will determine the quality of the gazebo. So, you have to design it carefully, and pay attention to every detail.

# 2. Mount Bracing Beams

Now, you have to mount the bracing beams. You can drill each hole to install them. Well, you cannot do this alone. Therefore, you will need at least two or three people.

# 3. Placing the Windows

Now, we will place the windows. You can create a frame with a size of 1×4. But, you have to make the same size as the distance to the bracing beams. You can glue it with wood glue or nails.

# 4. Cut the Upper Beams

Now, you have to cut the upper beams. It is a half-lap joint slice, using the same size in every field.

# 5. Attach the Upper Beams

Now, we will glue them on top of the posts. Do this slowly.

# 6. Make the Roof

The next step is to make the roof. You must make a 45-degree angle. Put them in a manner to each beams. At least, you have to prepare about 5 beams. To make the roof, you have to estimate the right design style. Actually, you have to design it in the sketch. So, you can develop a measure based on the scale.

# 7. Insert the Windows

Next is entering the windows. You can put them into triangles. You need to add a top frame. Then, you have to make sure that it will fit with triangles. For the right size, you can cut it into 4×4.

# 8. Finishing

Now, we will put the final touches. You can paint it in your favorite color. But, you have to coat it with oil paint as a way to protecting from the hot sun. After you paint it, you can add a few ornaments to beautify the gazebo. Also, you can put some of the gazebo if you have a wide area.

Well, here are a few easy steps to create your own gazebo. You can improve the quality of the gazebo with an easy designing artistic concept.

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