It is time for you to design an interesting concept of the deck stairs and railings. But, how will you make it? Well, here are 8 tips on how to build a deck stairs and railings.

# 1. Making Handrail Posts

We will do this as a first step. First of all, we cut a notch for the corner handrail posts. You have to take the right size. Previously, make sure that you have taken the appropriate size for the building. Generally, the size of the handrail could be around 36 inches.

# 2. Middle Handrail Posts

Next is the middle handrail posts installation. You have to measure from the corner, and then divide it into two parts. Make sure that you have properly bound the carriage bolts.

# 3. Railings and Balusters

The next step is the installation of railings and balusters. You can add blocks to each side. To make saw stop block, you can cut the balusters.

# 4. Top and Bottom Rails

So, the following are the top and bottom rails. We cut the posts into two parts. They are for the top and bottom. When you install baluster, you make your stop with lumber. Flip the section for each side. You have to take separate measures with some variations to the handrails.

# 5. Rail Cap

Now, we move on to the rail cap. Basically, this is a long section. You must create a 45 degree angle because it is a good form for the decking. Actually, you can create different designs for it can be sustained by the bottom because this is the part that determines the durability of your deck stairs.

# 6. Staircase Installation

You will repeat every step of the manufacturing handrail. Well, next is the final step notch and put it all in one place.

# 7. Seal and Stain

We will coat each piece so that it can be protected from dust and dirt. Please check for proper quality of the seal. You can use a paint roller to coat it in detail.

# 8. Finishing

However, you have to finish it in the most ideal style. That is why you need to enhance the color or paint it with the best. You can adjust some ideas for creating an exciting blend. Or, you can use a natural concept of the deck and rails. Usually, people choose it as the best design.

Well, those are some steps to make the deck and railing. If you need a different style, you can combine certain ideas because it would be a fun way to developing the concept. So, please carefully design your style.

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