We can always find the best way to create a green home. In fact, you do not need a lot of money to realize it. As long as you have a great idea, you would be able to develop a new style that is comfortable and perfect. Therefore, here are 8 eco-friendly green home DIY projects to do with family.

# 1. Interior Plant Stands

You might assume that this is an easy way. But, it will not be as easy as you might expect when you install the plant stands in the house because you will design and make it their own. It is better to consider the type of food to choose. Furthermore, you can develop some new ideas of style plant stand.

# 2. Small Gardening

You also think that this is the standard way. In fact, this is a fundamental way to creating a natural lifestyle and can teach your children. You do not need a large land capacity. Perhaps, you just need some plots outside the home. Or, we can think of something else like planting in the house.

# 3. Making Snack Baggies

Please apply your creativity in making snack baggies because it would be very nice, and you can make a lot of things. Therefore, it is advisable to make a few different sizes and colors.roof top rainwater harvesting diy family

# 4. Useful Rain

You can use rain water for several needs. You can create a container shelter for rain water on the roof, which then flow it into a particular container.

# 5. Recycling Center

There are many ways to disposing of waste. But, who knows if you can take advantages of it? That is why you need to create a recycling center. By making it, you can manage waste and affluent appropriately.

# 6. Table Napkins

If you can make napkins, it is a good thing. You can make and sew them in various patterns. Then, you can determine the appropriate type for each table. It will be an interesting experience with family.

# 7. Cleaning Recipes

We can make all-purpose cleaner with natural ingredients. As an example, we make orange as certain liquids to clean the furniture in the kitchen. Well, it is an option that you can apply to other needs.

# 8. Nature Light

You must understand this. You can save on electricity or energy to create a bright interior. So, you will not turn on the lights during the day.

Well, here are eight options that you can try with the family. It will be the best experience with them. Please choose the best.

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