Let us plan the best thing with the French country style garden. It is a perfect choice if you want a stylish exterior in a different way. Moreover, it will enhance the best layout and most beautiful blend of house and garden. So, here are 8 DIY tips on how to landscape the French country-style garden.

# 1. Plants Concept

By relying on the natural style of fresh plants, this is a small garden that will create incredible things in your home. You can grow grapes or other crops that could invite the attractiveness of nature. Meanwhile, if you have a wide area, you can develop some other plants. Also, there are several other options such as agapanthus, Cannas, Dahlias, and lavender.

# 2. Focal Point

Note at this point because you will make a garden with special characteristics. This is where you should be able to pick up a point, where you can start it all. Perhaps, it is a pool or sculpture. Or, maybe, some trees encircle the specified object.

# 3. Symmetry

A French garden needs perfect and precise measurements. It will allow you to put the strategy layout of trees and other plants.

# 4. Fountains

Of course, you will need this as this is an important part of the French garden. You do not need to make in large measure, as long as it is appropriate and balanced, you can tune it.

# 5. Statues

There are some interesting examples for you to create a sculpture. They will remind you in a medieval style.

# 6. Bench

Make sure that you are going to put this in your garden as this will be the best place to enjoy the atmosphere in the garden. You can put some spots as the ideal means to spend time.

# 7. Decorations

You will need some decorations to enhance the garden. Usually, people will put particular ornaments in the garden. But, you probably would not choose this, since you do not have a vast land. So, you can think of this as an alternative option.

# 8. Gate

It is clear that you will need as an access gate to the garden and your home. We can take a few examples of such elegant gates. Meanwhile, you can create it as the identity of your home or building.

Well, here are a few things you should know when you will make a French garden. Please pay attention to everything carefully because you certainly can do everything right.

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