Doing home decorating would be such a really interesting idea to be done. This is because there are various things that can be done. In this modern day, the laminate flooring has widely reached its popularity among people all around the world. The good thing about this laminate flooring is that it can make your room look shiny and organized at the same time. But this laminate flooring requires moisture protection. Here you can find some tips for preparing before doing floor insulation under laminated flooring.

# 1. Measuring the Size of the Room

First of all, you need to measure your room in order to know its size to be covered by the laminated flooring. For precaution, you need to buy at least five extra square feet of plastic and foam insulation.

# 2. Unrolling the Plastic Barrier

It is important to unroll the strip of the plastic barrier from one edge of the room that you want to install the flooring into the other edge. Once you have finished it, you can cut the strip of the plastic barrier carefully.

# 3. Laying Strips

While you are overlapping every edge of each strip of the plastic barrier to cover up the entire room, you can easily start continuing to lay the strips. In doing this, the utility knife can be a very useful thing.

# 4. Strip of Foam Insulation

After all, you can start unrolling a strip of foam insulation and trim it at each edge of the room. Then, you can repeat this process until you have finished all the entire room insulation.

# 5. Considering the Fixed Objects

For getting a better finishing, it is very essential to start measuring the dimensions of your fixed objects like posts or fireplaces. By doing this, you will get a trouble-free experience.

# 6. Underlayment

Using the underlayment is really recommended for the laminate flooring. One great benefit of this underlayment is basically for soundproofing and stability.

# 7. Flooring Material

In order to acclimatize to the installation site, you will need to allow the flooring material for at least two to three days. This amount of time will help to adjust the room temperature and humidity.

# 8. Ensuring the Edge do not Overlap

In order to prevent the edges from shifting, you need to tape the pieces together. This would be really useful to create the expansion gap between the underlayment and the walls. Applying plastic vapor barrier need to be done before installing the underlayment if the laminate floor is on top of concrete slab.

Once you do the floor insulation under the laminate flooring with fiberglass, it is strongly suggested that you have to wear the full protection including face mask and gloves. For some people, the insulation is the key to comfort because it can prevent the heat from escaping and providing you a comfortable internal environment.

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