When it comes to pavement material, most people are willing to do all the best things. Some of the companies out there will offer you their best materials for pavement installation. In fact, all types of paving consist of a number of several different layers. And this rule is prevailed from the simplest garden path to the superhighway paving. If you want to know more details about some different types of paving materials, this article will provide you that information.

# 1. Asphalt

As a matter of fact, the roads are mostly built of asphalt types. The main reason why the asphalt has become the most common used in street paving is because it is proved to be waterproof, simply cheap, easy to use, and can be last for a reasonable length of time.

# 2. Concrete

Basically, concrete is popularly known by people all around the world as a very durable material for paving. The term street paving had first being built since the year of 1915 when the automobiles began to replace the horse. But, concrete is seldom to be used in street paving anymore.

# 3. Cobblestones

If you have ever visited some older cities, you will find that their street paving are built from cobblestones. That is why; cobblestones are used in most of the European countries and in some old North American cities. Cobblestones can keep down the dust and provide more stable surface for people and vehicles.

# 4. Paving Layer / Cubes

This paving layer is widely known as a final hard surface of the segmental pavement. This kind of paving layer is created from clay blocks which come from natural stones.gravel and block paving driveways

# 5. Gravel

It is a kind of small pebbles which usually in the 3 mm to the 18 mm in range. This gravel material is quite great for drives, paths, and in the garden. This is significantly cheap and low maintenance.

# 6. Patio Flags

When it comes to patio flags or decorative flags, there would be a wide range of shapes and colors in the local builders’ merchant. You can choose whether you want to deal with textured, decorative stone flags. Most of them are in various choices of colors.

# 7. Grass Paving

From its name, we have known that this kind of grass paving is being used in the areas where the vehicle access is only required occasionally. Parking areas in rural places and fire appliances access can be the examples of places with grass paving materials. Actually, the system in this grass paving can be used for erosion controls.

# 8. Tire Rubber

Tire rubber is a kind of recycled material which can be used as pavement materials. According to some reports, California and Texas use for about 18 percent of tire rubber in hot asphalt to pave their streets.

In fact, no matter what choices of the pavement materials, all those paving types are really good for its use. One type of paving might be suited well with one area need like cobblestones are quite amazing for old cities. Since streets and roads are being used over time by cars, people and animals, these pavements and paths need to be changed for keeping it strong and durable.

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