Everyone in this world will want to have such a lovely house where they can spend most of their time with the whole family and sharing more beautiful and memorable moments. Of course there is no one who wants to experience having a damage house. But if this happens, there must be some early signs which can be your consideration that the house has foundation problems. Here are several of the early signs that you need to know when the house has foundation problems.

# 1. Jammed Doors

When you find that someday your door is being jammed or even fails to latch, it might be a sign if there is a serious problem with the foundation. You do not need to be panicked because it still can be handled very carefully.

# 2. Cracks in Walls

And if there are certain cracks in walls, especially in the windows, doorways, or in the location where the walls met the ceilings, you need to be aware of more serious problems with the foundation. If this is not being handled immediately, the cracks may be spread out everywhere.

# 3. Cracks in the Ceramic Tile

Once you have found that there are cracks appear in the vinyl or in the ceramic tile, you have to be more careful. These cracks can be appeared over a concrete floor and may cause a very serious damage in the future.

# 4. Sticking Windows

Someday, you find that windows which are usually very easy to open and close, they suddenly became stick or won’t close completely. This might happen because of the shifting ground or there is friction in the foundation.

# 5. The Leaning Walls

The walls on each side of the room should be basically straight. But if there is such a curve in the block foundation, it might be the first signal that the foundation has been shifted. This way, you can check the leaning walls with a level.

# 6. Probe Concrete

If you find that the concrete appears to be flaking and chipping (when it should be so hard to be damaged), it might be a problem with salty sand or too much water on the concrete. This condition is mostly happening in a house built in the early of the year of 1900s.

# 7. Structural Components

It is basically really essential to check on the structural components of the foundation systems. If there is a sign of moisture in a crawl space of the house, it might be the indication of poor drainage around the house foundation.

# 8. L-Shape Section Cracks

This kind of L-shape section crack is considered to be a very serious trouble with the foundation. Since it is not a structural issue, you need to plug them in order to keep the basement and the crawl space dry.

In fact, knowing as early as possible about the warning signs of any foundation troubles will be very great for you because you can save a lot more money of fixing more serious problems. It also means that the sooner you can identify the foundation troubles, the easier and the less expensive cost you can deal with.

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