A green roof is the unique style of home exterior. A house with a green roof is actually made up of natural plants, in particular is grass. During this time, you are interested in applying it at your home. But, you are still unsure about how it could really be useful for you. So, here are 4 advantages and 3 disadvantages of green roofs.


#1. Protecting from Heat Effect

Of course, it will create the best condition to protect from heat. We know that the natural plant would be very useful in maintaining and enhancing the natural coolness. Well, the green roof is a solution that can protect our home from the effects of the sun heat. In fact, it is very important for preventing the risk of ultraviolet light.

#2. Absorbing Pollution

Pollution is the biggest problem in the urban environment. In fact, it has penetrated into rural areas. However, we need a solution to protect our home and families. Meanwhile, the green roof is very useful to absorb air pollution. If there are a lot of houses with green roofs in the city, they will be very helpful as the greening process.

#3. Saving Energy

As a result of the cool air in the house, you do not need to think about air conditioning. In summer, the rooms in the house will feel cool. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the warm air during cold weather. Another advantage is the ability to muffle the noise from outside. It will be the best experience because you will not pay anything for the additional needs.

#4. The Artistic Styles

We have proved it. There are so many styles and designs of green roofs. At first glance, you think of it as something unique and cute. However, you will actually be taking valuable with perfect exterior. Also, the green roof will balance the ecosystem in the surrounding environment. It could be a bird’s nest, insects or other plants. What are you worried about them? It will be safe and comfortable for you to do regular maintenance, and friendly to nature.


#1. The Weight Problems

We do not deny that this is a big problem. Over time, the green roof will be heavier. Why? It is because it is composed of many plants and maybe some other load. Due to the heat of the sun and rain, a green roof will be heavier. Therefore, you should check it regularly. Meanwhile, you also have to maintain the quality of the plants on your roof. To facilitate that, you can read some references about the influence of plants on land. Also, you will understand how the forces of nature can be very overwhelming, and may have an effect on your roof damage. So it should be considered carefully from various risks.

#2. The Maintenance

It will take a lot of time, but you will not do it every day. The problem lies in the precision or accuracy for caring for the green roof. Also, it must be adapted to the type of roof. Meanwhile, you can take a schedule of twice a year for maintenance.

#3. Costly

You must understand this problem. There are many budgets you should prepare to have a green roof. Planning will consist of extensive measurements of your home. Generally, people have to dismantle the roof or even their homes. It is different if you are setting up a home from scratch workmanship. And, the cost of the initial investment will be enormous, especially if you want quality.

Well, those are some advantages and disadvantages of green roofs. Actually, there are many advantages, but with certain risks. As long as you understand the purpose of your roof, you can certainly enjoy the best experience. Moreover, there is nothing better than a return to nature and enjoy the quality of life.

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