As a matter of fact, such a clean, fresh, and healthy environment is considered to be the right for every person all around the world. Nevertheless, there are still several areas which not have the access into such healthy environment including the access to clean water, and the access to great septic tank systems.

Here, you can find some common toilet problems along with some tips in preventing it from getting worse.

#1. Toilet Tank Leaks in the Bottom

Actually, the tank leaks at the bottom are regarded to be the most common toilet problem which often occurs in most homes. The very first thing that needs to be done is to tighten the nuts which can be found at the bottom of the tank. Of course, you cannot just fasten it too much because you can crack the tank instantly.

#2. The Flush in the Toilet Cannot Work Properly

Then, another common toilet problem which many people still keep complaining is about the toilet flush which cannot work properly. It is generally due to the reason of the toilet tank which is not holding enough water in it. If this happens, you can start taking an action of taking the cover off the tank, then see if it is filling up the water mark on the tank or not.

#3. The Damaging of the Flush Button

Sometimes, it would be really bad once you find that the flush button does not work in a proper way. If you have ever experienced this, there must be a problem between the flapper and the lever. You can find whether the connection is too tight or even too loose. After that, you can try to remove the tank cover and begin to inspect on the parts related to the flush mechanism.

#4. The Water Runs Constantly

Actually, there should be two things which can make this happen. First, it is because the flapper is not set correctly. And secondly, it is because the flush ball is not triggering correctly so it results in corrosion. You can do the repair by adjusting the chain or replacing the flapper immediately.

#5. The Water Levels: Too Low or Too High

Once you found this kind of problem in your toilet tank, you will need to take off the cover up and try to flush the toilet. You need to let it refill with water. Afterward, you can adjust the float up or down as required and you can gently press the flush button again.

#6. Water Splashes in the Tank Once it Refills

Once this happens, it means that the bowl refills have been too loose from the tube. Then, you can open the tank and reattach the part so the water can run smoothly inside the tube.

#7. Noisy Toilet Problems

You can fix the problem by checking the ball float mechanism inside the toilet’s tank. Then, you can press the flush button and watch the ball when you are flushing the toilet. Make sure that there is no crack or leak in the mechanism. As a result, it would be quite a better idea to always spare time to check on the ball and float mechanism in order to ensure that it works in a proper way. You need to make sure that the ball as well as the float mechanism is not damage, bent, or having such missing parts. However, if it happens, you need to replace them immediately.

As long as you keep maintaining the toilet tank system correctly, you will simply be able to avoid any fatal problems which result in replacing the components. This way, you can save more and more money on purchasing the new components and hiring the professionals to make it done.

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